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Four Key Furniture Pieces that make for a Family-Friendly Home

Florida is a very family-friendly state.  We’ve got theme parks, beaches, lakes, and all sorts of animal attractions that are great for kids.  In central Florida, specifically, you’re in the suburbs, so most homes have a yard and are designed to be spaces for families to grow!  That being said, we’re all about kids and designing family-friendly homes!  We get it.  Not everyone can have a loft apartment in the city.  So this week we’re discussing some key furniture pieces that contribute to what makes a family friendly home.  These are pieces that will add comfort and style to your space and work well with kids.

Rustic Farmhouse Table.  These types of distressed tables are especially great for kids because, #1, they’re usually big–they can seat a number of guests or kids! #2, they’re interesting! You can purchase tables that are meant to look rustic, but if you have an old one that has been in your family for years, it can be a great conversation piece. And finally, they hide damage!  An already-distressed table won’t show where the kids stabbed a fork into the table or where they were secretly rubbing their plastic knife on the corner.  If a little dirt or playdough is rubbed on top, it’ll blend in! Rustic tables and can take a lot but are also interesting visually–very cool for a family-friendly home.

farmhouse table

Oversized Ottoman.  Ottomans are great because they have so many different functions!  They’re movable so they can be used as additional seating in a group setting.  They’re also perfect for playing video games–they kids will be able to sit on it comfortably and be close enough to the tv.  They also work as a foot rest and a place to set your drink or plate!  Let’s face it, in homes with kids, you need multi-functional furniture.  Ottomans lend themselves to comfort but also to function!


Sideboard.  The sideboard is similar to the ottoman in that it has a number of functions–it’s a storage piece, a serving station, or it can be purely decorative.  For the mom who would like just a touch of formal in her home if necessary, the sideboard is key!  It can dress up a formal dining area or be made into a decorative focal point by adding a couple lamps and hanging a piece of art above it.  Sideboards are also common pieces to be passed down and the beauty of a sideboard is that it doesn’t have to match the dining table.  So if you have one that’s been in your family but it doesn’t necessarily go with all of your other furniture, it’s ok!  Keep it!  It will make your home look more collected!


Classic Bed Frame. Maybe you still have your old bed from when you were a child and you’d like to use it in your daughter or son’s room–now is the time! Using a classic piece just makes for a little more interesting home–the sentimentality of it gives a home a special feel.  When there are pieces in it that have been passed down from generation to generation, it feels collected and can really become treasured!


Don’t worry about having a pristine home that doesn’t have any love marks!  Those types of things give a space character and tell a little story.  They’re unique to your space!